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no words to even describe how much I prefer cold weather over hot weather 

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i want

  • affection 

i have absolutely no idea what to do with and am pretty much uncomfortable with and confused by

  • affection
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Just choose life. Just choose the people around the table instead of always choosing the ones who are miles away waiting on you to double tap their photos. They’ll be there when you turn back to the screen.

Choose who you have right here, right here. It’s precious. It’s urgent. When they ask you to go get margaritas after dinner, go without reserve. You can buy groceries the next day. Choose long drives. Choose screaming Taylor Swift at the top of your lungs. Choose saying “yes” to dates, even if you don’t know if they’re “the one.” I guess I just want to beg you to let people in. Welcome them in. Just let people hold your hands and buy you dinner. Let them compliment your smile. Let yourself feel beautiful for five minutes.

Choose dishes left in the sink for nights beneath the stars. Choose random chats in Target with the cashier. Choose using people’s names more often than you don’t. Choose slow dancing in the kitchen.

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Boy: you look so pretty you are so hot

Me: ??? Where’s the news

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nobody wants you to apologize for being privileged; they want you to stop using your privilege to do shit that demands a fucking apology.

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Fall Out Boy Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy
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"It’s all too much and not enough at the same time."

Jack Kerouac (via herekitty)

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"You become like the 5 people you spend most of your time with. #choosewisely"
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